Strange ERROR message on connection

I'm a new user of the WiModem232, and I love it - it lets my Tandy 102 computer access the Internet, and it's great.
The only issue that I've seen is when using the ATDT command to connect to various hosts on my local network.
When I execute these commands, I get an ERROR message before the connection occurs.  Everything is okay from that point on - it's just the initial ERROR that is a mystery to me.  In this example, is the IP address of the host 'winter.brooknet', which is on my subnet.



ATDT winter.brooknet:80

ATDT winter.brooknet

I wondered whether the WiModem is expecting a CRLF end-of-line, or some other character?  The Tandy 102 sends a CR (0x0D) when I press the Enter key.


Where exactly do you see the error message? Do you see this only once, or every time you attempt to connect using the ATDT command? The WiModem232 accepts either CR of LF as the "enter" for a command. If you send random characters (visible or not) followed by CR of LF, you will definitely get an ERROR message returned. For example, if you typed some control characters (which are not visible on the screen in a terminal program) followed by CR, you would get an ERROR message. What terminal program are you using? How do you have your setup configured (it should be 8N1).

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