Amiga protected/unprotected disks

I have made scp's from my original Amiga disks, some are protected, some unprotected.

I use 2 x ALPS 3.5" drives, 84 tracks and the SCP images are created with Splice=5

Writing back the scp files results on 100% working disks, but all times, creating the scp's or writing the scp's to disk I get this colors on screen ....


It's normal? As I said the resulting disks works 100%.
Yes, that is normal.  INDEX mode shows cyan/blue and SPLICE mode shows orange/red.  There is no error checking done of flux images.  Only conversions to ADF will show different colors based on the conversion of each track as AmiagDOS sectors - (green = good, yellow = some good sectors, red = no good sectors).

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