Flippy (No Flip) Modded & Aligned Panasonic Drives
Wanted to say thank you to all the buyers from this forum - I appreciate your support.

I still have drives available if anyone needs them. They are 115 shipped in the US. 100 + actual shipping to overseas.

Thank you all!
I'm guessing that two years after the last post that these drives are pure unobtainium, but it is always worth asking.
No, they are still available!
Thanks! I just PMed sncboom2k. Now if I could only find some Analog Alignment Disks so I could fix up a few drives for some other projects. Unfortunately, Accurite seems to be a zombie company at this point. The web page is still up, but you can't actually contact anyone.
Check eBay. I see Dysan and Accurite alignment disks there quite often.
I wonder if the person who started the thread is still around. He hasn't logged on in months. Oh well.
He is a friend of mine, so I will let him know.
(06-26-2017, 10:42 AM)admin Wrote: He is a friend of mine, so I will let him know.

Thanks.  He contacted me so I'll get one from him.  It also looks like I might be able to get some alignment disks from someone else, so a few projects are back in business!
(12-23-2013, 11:58 PM)sncboom2k Wrote: The services and items for sale in this listing are for anyone but are primarily used by Supercard Pro (SCP) & Kryoflux owners:

NOTE: These drives are optimally aligned for all standard 5.25" formats using an Analog Alignment Disk. They no longer function as a standard PC drive once modified. These drives should only be used to dump / backup disks using an archival system. I've sold over 100 of these drives in the last 3 years. Users have reported that they dump numerous systems just fine. (Atari, Apple, TRS, PC, Commodore, etc)

If you own a 5.25" a Panasonic drive and need it repaired or flippy modded or just want an alignment of the IHS (index hole sensor) and read/write heads, I offer that service as well.

(Dual drive units are not currently supported. Single 5.25" Pansonic drives only.)

The drives I am selling work with all available revisions of the SuperCard Pro.


Panasonic (compatible models) Flippy Modded & Aligned drive - 100.00 + actual shipping (15.00 state side)

Alignments only (read/write heads and Index Hole Sensor) - 30.00 + actual shipping (Using AAD from Accurite & Dysan with an oscilloscope)

Flippy mod (includes alignments) - 50.00 + actual shipping

All drives will have their heads cleaned and be tested for functionality prior to any mods / alignments / repairs to be performed by me. If your drive has any issues, not already known or stated, I will notify you of them before I begin any of my services.

Repair price is on a case by case basis dependent upon parts and time. All repaired drives will be at a minimum aligned before being returned.  If I am not able to repair your drive or you opt not to have the repair performed for any reason, the diagnostic fee is 15.00 + actual shipping  This is only to protect my time from a flood of broken drives. If you opt to have the drive repaired, the 15.00 fee is waived in lieu of the repair price.

Broken drives that can not be repaired or you opted not to have repaired will be returned in the packaging I received them in.

Repaired or Purchased drives will be packaged in ESD bags, surrounded (padded) with egg crate to reduce bounce and help maintain the alignment during shipping. If you prefer to have your drive returned in the packaging you sent, please let me know.

Due to too many circumstances beyond my control, there is no warranty on the services or hardware provided. This is all used equipment as we're all well aware. Shipping services can destroy our boxes no matter how good they are packed. I will however provide a no DOA guarantee if the box is not damaged in shipping. Every drive will be thoroughly tested with my toughest Commodore titles prior to being returned to you. If there is a problem after receiving your drive, please contact me immediately so that I may resolve the issue.

I ship world wide of course. However if you're outside the U.S. please consider some of the other very capable mod/repair folks closer to you. It will save you money in shipping. Sorry this sounds so black and white, I'm trying to protect myself and provide you a great service and product.

Contact me if interested. I'm located in California, USA.



Do you still have one for sale ?

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