WiModem232 with Commodore CBM610 ??
I would like to use the Commodore CBM610 with this WiModem232.

Has another user ever tried this computer?
The computer CBM610 has a "female" plug (socket).

I would like to use a 25pin male to male adapter and plug it into this WiModem232.
I am looking forward to a backinfo.

This is the Commodore CBM610:  https://www.von-bassewitz.de/uz/oldcomputers/cbm610/

Thank you
As long as it is truly a RS-232C interface, it will work fine.
ok,... thank you, very interesting...
next time, i test at first an normal "old analog " 9600 baud modem, and if this is fine,
i will order you WiModem32...

thank U

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