Apple IIe/IIc/IIgs setups
SUCCESS! I hooked up my own netgear router between me and xfinity router and connected to that router. Then bingo, connected to multiple BBSs at multiple baud rated etc.
Thanks for bearing with me. I should have guessed it was a Comcast/Xfinity possibility earlier.
So, what is the cause for this? If there really some sort of firewall?
(04-18-2018, 10:25 AM)admin Wrote: So, what is the cause for this?  If there really some sort of firewall?

Don't know. The modem/router supplied by Comcast is stock, no modifications by me. i don't usually connect to it as my Netgear router is significantly stronger signal wise.  I'd be curious if someone could replicate the issue with xfinitywifi. 

Since I resolved it, I've been on and off BBSs throughout the day. Very Nice.
Hi. I noticed the beginning of this thread talks about cutting traces on the WiModem232 for IIGS connectivity. Am I correct in assuming this is not relevant to WiModem232OLED V2?
That is correct. Nothing needs to be done if you have the V2 hardware.

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